We wanted to do this for so long but it was difficult to find the time to set up a proper blog. We are finally here and we promise to give you a heads up of our latest adventures, fortunes and misfortunes on our journey to V.

All of you English-speakers in the audience (the three or four of you) hope you forget our broken grammar, I promise to run this through a spell checker now and then but prepositions and phrasal verbs always find the way to ruin my sentences!

Now let’s officially inaugurate this blog with a proper first post:

– When are we going to Colombia to buy my sister? – asked my son a few months back and I can’t  tell for sure whether I blushed or my face paled to a milky-white  shade. Samuel is a really sharp five years old boy. Extremely smart, funny and gifted. He reads better than many adults I know, and he is wonderful with a pencil and a blank sheet of paper, yet one thing was crystal clear at that moment: he had absolutely no idea what the adoption process was. Neither did we.

About a year ago (perhaps longer) we set out on one of the most intricate, expensive, stressful yet rewarding and fulfilling journeys we have ever embarked on. Little did we know about the process, what it involved, what need and needn’t be done or what was required of us. All we knew is that we wanted a sister for our son, a daughter to complement our blessed family, an extra member of the family to snore on my bed.

The possibilities of having another biological baby were slim to none at that point. We didn’t want to risk a pregnancy; especially after all we went through with our Samuel. The idea of adoption was always lingering in our heads, so we decided to stop fighting with nature and get along with the program. We read a few books. We went online a few times looking for agencies. We tried to get in touch with the friend of a friend of a cousin whose father knows someone in Colombia who may be able to help us. In other words we were really confused and disoriented. Could it be that Samuel was better informed of the process of adopting his little sister?

Enter Gladney Center For Adoption.

Beth, Raul and Gilma Ines were a godsend. They removed all the red tape (and believe me there’s like a hundred rolls of it.) They walked us through and stick with us during the ups and downs of the process. Thanks to their vision and professionalism we’re the proud parents of a beautiful Colombian girl.

Now, after all we’ve been through I feel I have acquired a better understanding of the process and of what adoption is and what is not. Next time Samuel comes with his handsome face and his two missing front teeth to utter the question – when are we going to buy my little sister? – I’ll reply: on March 11th!